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herphotolife wrote in e_penpals
hello :)
if you would like to meet a lovely bunch of people (there are 12 of us) and join in with fun conversations, we would love you to join daisy chain. daisy chain is a google group of a mix of girls from all over the world. we send random emails, i send out questions to get conversations going, we give advice, share pictures, chat randomly. it's like penpalling or message boards, but over emails.

we are looking for people who will join in random conversations & make friends, not just join in with the activities and answer the questions but not make the effort to get to know someone. if you think you're interested, please request an invite!

we recommend you use a separate email to your personal email, as you might receive high volume of emails. at the moment from daisy chain i am receiving around 50 a day. obviously you won't have to reply to all of this, and this counts for EVERYONE in the group. please have a gmail email address, and one which you are comfortable with daisy chain mail going too that won't get mixed up with school/job/personal friend emails.

you can request an invite here and the email groups email address is :] i'm online now and will be for a few hours, so if you request an invite now i will accept you ASAP :)

hope to see you soon!

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Hey! I'd love to join you guys if you are still looking for people. I requested to join a bit ago, but I wasn't sure whether or not I was suppose to message you or email you...

Anyways I hope to hear from you soon :)


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