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attention tension
tascama wrote in e_penpals
i'#m not sure if anyone still checks here but you never know...

Name: ronnie
Age: 27 (eek)
Languages Spoken:  just english, sadly.  i know a little spanish but it's very little.
About Me: i'm just your atypical music geek. i listen to allsorts and play guitar too.  i make my own music once every blue moon.  but let's gloss over that :P   i love going to gigs to see bands and i try to get out when i can.
Music: quite a lot. but if pushed i guess it'd mostly be indie rock. i think.
Books:  i don't really read i must admit. don't hate me.
TV: the office (both versions), six feet under, the sopranos.
Movies:  eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, bottle rocket, american movie!!!!!!
How often do you check your e-mail?:  quite often.
How long does it take to reply to an e-mail?: usually within the day.
Does it matter where your e-mail pals are from?:  not at all. 
Do you want a specific number of e-mail pals?:  nope.
What age do you want your e-mail pals to be, or does it not matter?: at least 18 i think.
Do you want snai-mail pals too?:  possibly
Anything else?: i'm not well versed in the art of selling oneself so i'm sorry if this dosen't read too well. 
feel free to message me if you want to know more.  i promise i'll try my hardest not to be dull :)


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