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herphotolife wrote in e_penpals
strive is on the look out again!
we are looking for active, talkative people to join my email penpal group, strive. strive is an email group of 16 of us. we send emails about our lives, emotions, feelings, along with surveys, fun activities, questions, discussions, photos and anything off topic.

if you are...

- online at least every day
- love emailing
- love participating in activities and challenges
- would like to meet new people
- don't mind talking about yourself/your life regularly, like a blog

then get in touch :) just email me at
we have our own blog where we keep the activity schedule & a short FAQ. you can see it here :)

if you have been in touch before for a place but didn't get added into the email group it may be because we don't add EVERYONE because if we did 10 people at once would be added and we can't handle that amount of mail! try again. it's first come first serve & anyone can join :)


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